Modern Nissan of Concord is Ready For Your Holiday Season Service Needs

Taking your Nissan Sentra, Rogue or Titan in for an oil change is probably nobody's idea for an early holiday gift, but it's the kind of visit at our Charlotte area's service center than can help make all your holidays and wintertime driving easier and safer. While we understand how busy this time of year is, it's a great point in the calendar to make sure your Nissan's service needs are well-covered. That's what we easily handle here at the service center located at our Concord, NC Nissan dealership. Everything from routine maintenance to major repairs is covered, so schedule an appointment and visit today to get started.



As you travel around the Charlotte and Concord area, or anywhere else in North Carolina or beyond, you'll want to make sure your Nissan is ready for driving anywhere during the holidays. The last thing you'd want is an emergency out on the road that could've been avoided with the regular kind of maintenance checkups we provide at our service center. If it's been some time since your last oil change or inspection, schedule a service visit with Modern Nissan of Concord today.

With our Nissan experts looking over your car's important parts and systems every time you drop it off, you'll drive with more confidence knowing everything is in working order. That kind of confidence is hugely valuable during the busy holiday season, when you certainly have plenty of other important things on your mind. To help you out even a little more, we regularly offer service specials that save you a great deal of money, all while we do the work that maintains your Nissan's long-term value.

Head over to Modern Nissan of Concord today and see what's going on with our service offerings during the holiday season.

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