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Our Concord, NC Dealership Offers Up the Unbeatable New 2017 Nissan Maxima
Compare to the Honda Accord, Toyota Avalon, Acura TLX, Genesis G80 & Kia Cadenza

What makes the offerings at our Concord, NC Nissan dealership serving Charlotte, Mooresville, Huntersville, Salisbury, Monroe and Matthews so much better than competing vehicles? Well if you take a look at the new 2017 Nissan Maxima, you'll quickly understand why our version of the four-door sports sedan bests the competition. More affordable than comparable sports four-doors, but more powerful than run-of-the-mill midsized sedans, the new Maxima bests the competition at every angle. Find yours by coming over to 967 Concord Pkwy South, Concord, NC today.

Like all our new Nissan cars, the Maxima is well-equipped in its starting package, while you can add plenty more features in the available higher trim levels. With its 300-horsepower V-6 and sporty driving dynamics, the Maxima is far more fun than any average commuter car, while it still earns reasonable fuel efficiency to make it an appropriate everyday ride. See how else the new Maxima bests the competition by looking at this comparison with the Toyota Avalon, Honda Accord, Acura TLX, Genesis G80, and Kia Cadenza, then make your way over to our Concord Nissan dealership today.

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Compare the 2017 Maxima to the Toyota Avalon in Concord, NC

  • In their starting editions, the Maxima is far more affordable than the Avalon, giving you more wiggle room in your budget to upgrade trim levels or add more features.
  • The Maxima includes nifty standard features like a CD changer and a fold-down rear seat, both of which are unavailable in the new Avalon.
  • While earning practically identical fuel efficiency ratings, the Maxima smoothly outperforms the new Avalon in terms of horsepower.
  • You'll find considerably more head and leg room in the front seats of the Maxima when compared to the interior setup of the new Avalon.

Compare the 2017 Maxima to the Honda Accord in Concord, NC

  • Even when selecting the available V-6 for the new Accord, the standard V-6 in the Maxima is far more powerful.
  • With your new Maxima, you'll get a nice 3-year / 36,000-mile roadside assistance program, which isn't offered in the base level of the Accord.
  • The navigation system in the Maxima is standard, while you'll have to upgrade to a higher trim level for the Accord for that feature.
  • Once again, the Maxima offers more leg and head room for the driver and front-seat passenger, while the Accord is a tad cramped up front.

Compare the 2017 Maxima to the Acura TLX in Concord, NC

  • Starting off, you get a standard V-6 in your new Maxima, offering 300 horsepower on the dot. The TLX starts off with a four-cylinder only producing 206 horsepower, so the best decision is clear if you're hoping for a more dynamic performance, even with the Maxima earning close to the same fuel efficiency rating as the TLX.
  • Standard features in the Maxima range from the expected, such as front and rear A/C and power windows, to those that normally cost more, like the standard navigation system. The TLX, in its base level, lacks a lot of these amenities, requiring a costlier trim level or special package to get some basic needs.
  • The driver and front-seat passenger will be far more comfortable in the Maxima, which has more head and leg room up front compared to the new TLX.
  • Overall, the passenger space is considerably larger inside the Maxima when compared to the cabin of the new TLX.

Compare the 2017 Maxima to the Genesis G80 in Concord, NC

  • The Maxima starts off at a considerably lower price than the new G80, giving you plenty more wiggle room in your budget to go after a higher trim level and add more features.
  • The Maxima earns considerably better fuel efficiency than the G80, making Nissan's sports sedan the better choice for the daily commuter. Even with that advantage, the Maxima's 300-horsepower output is close behind the 311 horses the G80 produces.
  • Equipped with a CVT in the automatic version, the Maxima drives much smoother and quieter than the G80.
  • With standard front and rear A/C, back seat passengers in the Maxima will be a little more comfortable on hot days, where the G80 doesn't offer that level of climate control throughout its cabin.

Compare the 2017 Maxima to the Kia Cadenza in Concord, NC

  • The new Maxima once again proves to be the most affordable option when compared to the Cadenza, starting off with a considerable advantage in that area. That helps out a lot when you look to increase trim levels and add more features.
  • The Maxima also proves to be the more sensible choice for daily commuting, with better fuel efficiency ratings for city/highway/combined driving, when comparing to the new Cadenza.
  • While the Cadenza boasts a larger trunk area, the Maxima has folding rear seats to open your cabin back up to the trunk, helping you fit more stuff easily if you have fewer passengers joining you for the ride.
  • The Maxima earns five-star ratings across the board for safety crash tests. The latest Cadenza doesn't have its safety ratings out yet, but we're guessing it falls short of perfection in a few areas.