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The Nissan Quest is the Perfect Family Van for Charlotte & Concord Area Residents

Getting the family from one place to another is an everyday thing for parents. Having the right ride to do it in is an added bonus. The Nissan Quest certainly does the trick for those in the Charlotte and Concord, NC areas, getting you through life's journey.

At Modern Nissan of Concord, we like to think of the Quest as the family limo. It has a bold design, with distinctive rear wraparound glass, which makes it look like a very luxurious ride. It comes with power sliding doors, and a power liftgate so you can carry supplies, kids, and cargo and not feel like you're always having to balance something.

Inside, there's comfortable materials like low-fatigue seats, that are designed to maximize your comfort, but keep you alert, as well. You can also find a dual opening glass moonroof, to take in all the rays of the sun, or the stars at night, and make your vehicle feel more open, to the seven passengers.

To maximize your cargo room, the rear seats flip and fold glad for an even surface. You also can find a permanent rear storage well in the back truck for optimal space management.

Entertainment options are plentiful, too, with navigation, streaming auto, and even rear seat DVD entertainment as an option feature.

All and all, the Nissan Quest will be a smooth ride, and one that gives you confidence. To learn more, stop in and see us here in Concord, NC today, and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

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