2023 Nissan TITAN In Hickory, North Carolina at Modern Nissan Of Hickory

2023 Nissan TITAN

In Concord, North Carolina at Modern Nissan Of Concord


413 lb-ft

@4,000 rpm


400 hp

@5,800 rpm

Towing Capacity

11,033 lbs.

of maximum towing

2023 Nissan TITAN Performance

If you seek a true off-roading beast, look no further than the TITAN Lineup - ready to take on any terrain with its unrivaled Endurance® V8 engine that packs 400 horsepower of pure might as standard. With that kind of power, your journey will be one filled with confidence and strength!

2023 Nissan TITAN Performance


The TITAN Lineups models are equipped with a responsive 9-speed automatic transmission that works in perfect harmony with its V8 engine, ensuring an incredibly smooth ride for the driver.


Brace yourself for the remarkable advantages of 4-wheel drive with Nissan engineering! The TITAN Lineup has been specifically designed to tackle off-roading and provide an exhilarating experience. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a journey that cannot be matched by any other vehicle on the market today.

2023 Nissan TITAN Lineup engine and transmission

Embrace the power of cutting-edge hardware and take command.

2023 Nissan TITAN Lineup engine and transmission Nissan Endurance® V8 engine

Nissan Endurance® V8 engine

When your cargo is an impressive 11,033 pounds and you're hauling it up a long incline in hot weather conditions, you can rest assured that the iconic Endurance V8 engine has got your back. Offering a powerhouse of 400 horsepower as standard — this performance won't let you down!

2023 Nissan TITAN Lineup engine and transmission 9-speed Transmission

9-speed Transmission

All TITAN models boast a 9-speed automatic gearbox that perfectly complements the robust 400-horsepower V8 engine. This transmission provides enhanced acceleration, decreased fuel consumption and effortless shifting all while ensuring an enjoyable driving experience.

2023 TITAN Lineup off-road and available 4x4 capability

Nissan understands the thrill of off-roading and has crafted TITAN & TITAN XD® trims, loaded with features including accessories that any 4x4 enthusiast would appreciate. Further more, every trim offers an optional rugged shift-on-the fly 4WD system - which comes standard on the TITAN XD models! Taking on any terrain is now a simple task with these customization tools

2023 TITAN Lineup off-road and available 4x4 capability Shift-on-the-fly 4x4

Shift-on-the-fly 4x4

When you need to tackle a steep path, simply adjust your 4-wheel drive on the move for more control. Switch it over to 4LO and make sure nothing stands in your way - then when everything is flat again, return back to the smooth ride of 4H. Gain more power with this feature so that no terrain will be too difficult!

2023 TITAN Lineup off-road and available 4x4 capability Ground clearance

Ground clearance

TITAN's exceptional ground clearance gives you the prowess to traverse any type of terrain and confidently venture off-road.

2023 TITAN Lineup off-road and available 4x4 capability Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS)

Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS)

Any wheel that begins to spin out of control will be quickly stopped. Should any wheel start skidding, this system will quickly apply pressure to that wheel and redirect additional power to those with a better grip.

2023 TITAN Lineup off-road and available 4x4 capability Hill start assist and hill descent control

Hill start assist and hill descent control

With Hill Start Assist, you'll never have to worry about rolling backwards on those steep hills If you're heading downhill, don't worry; Hill Descent Control has got your back! This convenient system maintains a consistent speed and applies the right amount of brake pressure to make your descent as effortless and safe as possible. Now that's one less thing to stress about while on the road.

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

TITAN's Intelligent Around View Monitor provides the ultimate parking and towing assistance, in addition to becoming your personal navigator when you explore off-road. It allows you to check the area ahead of and behind your vehicle even if space is tight, while also tracking front wheels' movement over rough terrain with ease.

2023 Nissan TITAN Towing And Payload

TITAN and TITAN XD towing capacity

For the tasks that require extra muscle, arm yourself with a TITAN lineup. If you pick King Cab® 4X2 or TITAN XD, you can be certain that it will have all the capacity and power necessary for your job – up to 9,323 lbs and 11,033 lbs respectively! Tow away freely secure in the knowledge that TITAN's performance is unbeatable.

2023 Nissan TITAN Towing And Payload TITAN and TITAN XD towing capacity

TITAN Lineup towing features

In the past, towing required two people - but now, with today's engineering advancements and technology, it is easier than ever for you to attach a vehicle and drive away quickly even if you're alone! Check out these six features that make solo-towing a breeze.

TITAN Lineup towing features Intelligent Around View® Monitor

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

TITAN Lineup towing features Intelligent Around View® Monitor

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

TITAN Lineup towing features Integrated trailer brake controller

Integrated trailer brake controller

TITAN Lineup towing features Trailer Sway Control

Trailer Sway Control

TITAN Lineup towing features Tow mirrors

Tow mirrors

TITAN Lineup towing features Tow-Haul Mode

Tow-Haul Mode

TITAN Lineup hitch options

Enjoy the safety and convenience of the TITAN and TITAN XD's fully boxed frames to attach a hitch mount receiver; you can rest assured that your cargo is securely fastened. And if more flexibility is desired, an available gooseneck hitch included in the TITAN XD package ensures maximum pulling capacity!

TITAN Lineup hitch options TITAN Lineup hitch mount receiver

TITAN Lineup hitch mount receiver

Feel secure when towing your TITAN Lineup due to its sturdy, full-length boxed ladder frame and hitch mount receiver.

TITAN Lineup hitch options TITAN XD gooseneck hitch

TITAN XD gooseneck hitch

When it comes to transporting heavy loads, the TITAN XD has you covered. Its integrated gooseneck hitch was designed with your safety and security in mind so that you can rest easy knowing that your cargo is secure as it's towed along. With exceptional power and versatility, the TITAN XD offers reliable protection for whatever load or assets you may be hauling!

TITAN Lineup Truck Bed Features

With the TITAN by Nissan truck bed, you can tackle any job with confidence thanks to its impressive selection of standard and optional features. We know that truck owners need something they can trust in - so we guarantee our TITAN delivers! This hardy, versatile bed is ready for anything life throws at it.

TITAN Lineup Truck Bed Features

Utili-track Channel System

With this versatile function, you can easily slide the sturdy aluminum-alloy cleats along three channels on your wall and safely attach whatever items you'd like to bring with you.

TLED Bed Lighting

Maximize your storage space with convenient, ultra-bright in-bed lights that will fit snugly into any area. Plus, find what you need quickly and easily thanks to the bright light over the rear window providing a wide range of visibility.

Spray-on bedliner

TITAN's robust and resilient bedliner is applied directly from the factory to guarantee you an outstanding product. With years of use - both expected and unexpected - this dependable liner guarantees your truck bed and cargo will stay safe even in adverse conditions, protecting them from general wear-and-tear.

TITAN Lineup Truck Bed Features TITAN Boxes


Make your storage situation simpler and more discreet with these lockable boxes. Not only are they portable, but also function as removable coolers - ideal for keeping food or drinks at the right temperature! Enjoy having all of your items safe while feeling confident that they won't draw any unwanted attention.

TITAN Lineup Truck Bed Features Assisted tailgate

Assisted tailgate

The same dependability of its truck series is engineered into this tailgate, providing you with a convenient solution. Its dampened assist design allows for smooth and quiet operation with just one hand - loading and unloading are now effortless tasks!

TITAN Lineup Truck Bed Features 120-Volt Outlet

120-Volt Outlet

Are you in need of a dependable power source for the job site? Look no further than TITAN! It comes fully equipped with an included 120-volt outlet in its bed, so you can start using electricity efficiently and quickly.

2023 TITAN Lineup Towing and Exterior Accessories

With a virtually limitless selection of accessories and parts, you can personalize your TITAN or TITAN XD to perfectly represent YOU. From items that will upgrade the capabilities of your truck for bed hauling and towing up through running boards and step rails - customize it however you'd like! As no two vehicles are exactly alike, prepare yourself for an unparalleled driving experience.

2023 TITAN Lineup Towing and Exterior Accessories 4 Drop Hitch Ball Mount, Class III

4" Drop Hitch Ball Mount, Class III

Engineered with TITAN trucks in mind and equipped with an original hitch receiver, this hitch mount will effortlessly tow up to 5,000 lbs. of weight! Choose the standard model or a 4" drop if you require extra clearance for lifted trucks and low trailers.

2023 TITAN Lineup Towing and Exterior Accessories 5th Wheel Adapter

5th Wheel Adapter

Unlock the full potential of your TITAN XD's hauling abilities with the 5th Wheel Adapter mounted on top of a gooseneck hitch.

2023 TITAN Lineup Towing and Exterior Accessories Bed Assist Grip

Bed Assist Grip

This easy-to-use handle can be quickly and securely fastened directly to the Utili-track Channel System, allowing you to use it with only one hand. Plus, when not in use it takes up minimal space without sacrificing accessibility for those times when you need quick access.

2023 Nissan TITAN Interior And Connectivity

2023 Nissan TITAN Interior And Connectivity


Experience the wonders of a foreign landscape with the expansive Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof, designed to let in plenty of natural light and fresh air for all travelers.


Now, accessing essential data is effortless with the 9" Integrated Command Center touch-screen display. With this impressive display, accessing essential data has never been easier.


Get connected reliably without compromising your safety with NissanConnect® and its Bluetooth® and Apple CarPlay® functions, all while maintaining both hands on the wheel.

TITAN Lineup seating

In this truck, every seat is the top choice - no arguing necessary!

TITAN Lineup seating King Cab Seating

King Cab Seating

Whether you're the driver and navigating your way to a destination or simply commuting, the plush, comfortable seats will ensure that your journey is as relaxing as possible.

TITAN Lineup seating Crew Cab

Crew Cab

For those with a larger family, opt for the Crew Cab and indulge in an extra-large interior space where everyone can comfortably spread out without compromising on legroom. Choose between bench seating that caters to six people or captain's chairs that seat up to five; no matter which you pick, your Truck will look more inviting than ever before!

TITAN Lineup Interior Features and Technology

  • Dual Panel Panoramic Moonroof
  • Remote Engine Start System with Intelligent Climate Control
  • Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control
  • Climate-controlled front seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Power sliding back glass window
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Driver memory seat system

TITAN Lineup Cargo Space and Flexibility

TITAN Lineup Cargo Space and Flexibility

Make the most of your time with TITAN Crew Cab's flexible cargo area! Simply fold up the rear seat for extra storage to make any mission - whether big or small - go faster and smoother. The TITAN will have you ready in no time, so can get on the road faster!

  • Virtual Work Bench
  • Lockable rear-seat cargo organizer
  • fold flat-floor panels

TITAN Lineup Interior Storage

TITAN Lineup Interior Storage

At the end of a taxing day, the TITAN makes life easier with it's innovative smart storage feature. Now, you no longer have to worry about what went where; all it takes is a few taps and convenience comes your way!

  • Center Console Storage
  • Deep Center Console With Laptop Storage
  • 12-volt outlet
  • Up to 8 cups holders

TITAN Lineup connectivity

ITAN Lineup connectivity

Transform your ride with the Integrated Command Center's 8" display and an optional 9" WXGA touch-screen that streams crystal clear visuals. Customize your home page by taking advantage of wireless Bluetooth® streaming for all your favorite songs. With NissanConnect®, you can provide passengers a Wi-Fi Hotspot, enabling them to stream, browse or share from their seats! Additionally, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto compatibility is included too – enjoy supreme convenience on the go!

  • Nissan Door to Door Navigation
  • NissanConnect® Services powered by SiriusX
  • Nissan Concierge
  • Fender® Premium Audio System
  • USB ports

2023 Nissan TITAN® Lineup Driver Assist & Safety Technology

2023 Nissan TITAN® Lineup Driver Assist & Safety Technology


Nissan Intelligent Mobility,™ is revolutionizing the way we drive. With Safety Shield® 360, you get six life-saving features that enhance awareness and visibility while offering assistance when needed. That's why it's called revolutionary - because these safety tools are designed to help protect you on the roads!


Enjoy the journey with state-of-the-art driver assistance technology that can make your drive more pleasurable and serene, like Intelligent Cruise Control and High Beam Assist.


Enhance your parking experience with the revolutionary 360° overhead view of your vehicle, provided by the Intelligent Around View Monitor. With this innovative feature, you'll never have to worry about squeezing into those tight spots ever again!

  • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
  • Rear Automatic Braking
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • High Beam Assist
  • Intelligent Cruise Control
  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning
  • Advanced Drive-Assist™ Display
  • Intelligent Driver Alertness
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Front and Rear Sonar System
  • Road-gripping technology
  • Brake smarter
  • ight Standard air bags
  • Snug Kids®
  • TPMS with Easy-Fill Tire Alert

Enter The World Of The 2023 Nissan TITAN In Concord, North Carolina at Modern Nissan Of Concord

If you're looking for a 2023 Nissan TITAN, don't search any further than our dealership in Concord! We have an extensive selection of trims that are perfect for your driving needs. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist and answer all of your questions about the 2023 Titan specs, its performance capabilities and safety components. Stop by or call us today to explore our inventory - Now is the time to find out why you should make your next truck a 2023 Nissan TITAN!

Enter The World Of The 2023 Nissan TITAN In Concord, North Carolina at Modern Nissan Of Concord

2023 Nissan TITAN FAQ

What engine does the 2023 Nissan TITAN use?

Every TITAN model features a 9-speed automatic transmission that is practically made for the ultra-powerful 400-horsepower Endurance V8 engine.

What is the towing capacity of the 2023 Nissan TITAN?

With a whopping maximum towing capacity of 11,033 lbs., the 2023 Nissan TITAN is sure to be your go-to vehicle for any heavy lifting you need done.

What is Safety Shield 360 on the Nissan TITAN?

Cameras, radar technology and sonar work together to create Safety Shield® 360 a comprehensive system that looks in front, behind and beside the vehicle as it drives. This suite of 6 advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility features monitor around the vehicle and can step in to help keep you safe.

How many people can seat in the 2023 Nissan TITAN?

The 2023 Nissan TITAN offers an expansive interior that can comfortably accommodate up to six people, with your choice of either king cab or crew cab seating layouts.

Where can I buy the 2023 Nissan TITAN In Concord, North Carolina?

Come to Modern Nissan of Concord, North Carolina for the new 2023 Nissan TITAN! Connect with our dealership today by calling or stopping in. We are located conveniently in Seaside and would love to answer any questions you might have about your next vehicle purchase.

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